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GenerLink Compatibility

NEW The GenerLink wireless RF Module. This module can be put inside your home allowing you to see when the Utility power comes back on without having to go outside and check the GenerLink indicator light. When the green light comes on you can shut your generator down. This will pay for itself in saved gas in no time. This module cannot be added to your existing GenerLink.


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Following Connectors are available:

Cord Connectors

WARNING! If you have an older style meter base (an A Base Meter) please click here.

MA23N - GenerLink rating Max 30 AMP
Ma23-N - RF Remote power monitor
MA24N - GenerLink rating Max 42 AMP

GenerLink with Whole House Surge Protection built in.

MA23S - GenerLink rating Max 30 AMP
MA24S - GenerLink rating Max 42 AMP
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